We all want the best for our children. Please help us provide the same for the children of Jungle Ward.

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The needs of the children of Jungle ward here at the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales have changed. It’s now time for the ward to change with it so that the 1,400 young patients looked after there every year can continue to get the best possible care. Jungle ward cares for more children with complex medical conditions and young people in mental health crisis than ever before. It also now provides rehabilitation for children with brain injuries, where previously they travelled elsewhere for this specialist treatment. Due to the nature of the conditions being treated there, hospital stays for young patients on Jungle Ward can be a lot longer or more frequent than average, while for others they are shorter but often traumatic.



Help make our Jungle Ward mighty!

You can help make life better for the children of Jungle ward by donating to our appeal. We need to raise £1 million as soon as possible to transform it in to an inclusive and stimulating environment designed specifically to provide the best possible level of care. A space where families can still be families during their hospital stays.



What your donation will fund

  • Stimulating spaces like a play area, sensory room and ‘teen zone’ where children and young
    people can have fun and learn through play.
  • A safe and therapeutic environment for young people admitted in mental health crisis
  • A therapy room where children who have experienced brain injury can receive the intensive
    rehabilitation needed to help them get well again.
  • A room for parents where they can make food and relax for a while.
  • A ‘high care’ area for children who are acutely unwell and need close monitoring.
  • Brighter rooms with more space for parents to sleep comfortably alongside their children.
  • Fully accessible bathroom facilities that provide privacy and dignity for children with
    continence or gastro-intestinal issues and independence for children regaining skills after brain injury.


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