Welcome to Noah's Ark Children's Hospital Charity

We support the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales in providing world class care, helping to ensure the best outcome and experience possible for children and their families.

Having raised more than £20 million to build and equip the hospital, today we continue to work hand in hand with the NHS, providing funding for the most up to date equipment and facilities. We also fund support services for families like the play specialist team, who help children be children, despite the difficulties they are facing.

As part of our ongoing commitment to helping ensure the best specialist care possible for children, we launched our Tiny Lives Appeal with the aim of raising £1 million for the neonatal unit at the University Hospital of Wales. We’re delighted to say that in 2019, we hit that target.

We did it!  Together we have raised £1 million for the neonatal intensive care unit at the University Hospital of Wales.  The money is already being put to work saving the lives of premature and critically ill babies and will continue to do so for many years to come.  

This is our thank you message to you.

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