Volunteers’ Week is a national celebration of volunteers and volunteering which takes place from 1 to 7 June each year. It plays a huge part in raising the profile of volunteers while encouraging others to get involved, it’s also a great opportunity for us to thank all our dedicated volunteers who give up their time and offer their skills in order to ensure that the young patients at the Children’s Hospital for Wale shave the best facilities and care.

Thank you so much for your commitment and dedication in supporting the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital Charity, we couldn’t do the work we do with out you. Together we have built Phase One of the Children’s Hospital for Wales; we are now faced with the challenge of raising £7 million to fund a number of vital projects for Phase Two but we know with your help we will reach our target and will be able to provide children in need of surgery and critical care with world–class medical facilities and equipment.

If you are interested in volunteering or would like to find out more, please visit our volunteering pages or read on to find out why Ted volunteers for us!

 Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital Charity is a very fun and worthwhile charity to volunteer for, it was founded with the aim to build Wales’ only dedicated children’s hospital and continues to raise money to fund a number of vital projects. With an aim and mission statement like that, who could ever not want to volunteer there?!

 Found at Cardiff’s Royal Infirmary on Newport Road its location is central and highly accessible while just avoiding the manic rush of the city centre. The staff are very friendly and the office environment is casual but motivating. My hours are very flexible which is a huge benefit and providing I accomplish the tasks given, within reason, I can come in whenever and for however long I want.

 My volunteering role allows me to partake in a range of computer-based tasks with varying levels of creativity but all of which prove a tremendous benefit to the organisation and make me feel a valued part of the charity. As a volunteer who is currently unemployed I applied wanting to be in a role that made me feel I was helping the community without taking up my entire time, and this turned out to be the ideal place. The tasks I find myself being given match my strengths well, especially as I am starting to receive more tasks with a slight creative element (like this!). I would highly recommend volunteering here to anyone with free time or a desire to support a worthwhile cause.

So, in a nutshell: volunteering here, is fun, worthwhile and not too taxing!

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