Earlier this year, intrepid Steve Williams undertook the challenge of trekking from Lukla in Nepal all the way to Everest Base Camp – a grueling 75 miles on rough, challenging terrain, which took 12 days to complete.

No holiday, this was truly a fundraising challenge. Steve and his fellow climbers battled through minus ten degree temperatures and whipping winds, and due to the high altitude, some of Steve’s group suffered from Acute Mountain Sickness.

Steve was triumphant upon reaching Everest Base Camp, which stands at a breathtaking height of 5,200 metres. However, a true adventurer, Steve pushed himself even further to continue on to climb Killa Pattar, an even higher peak of 5,800 metres.

Steve has raised £330 for the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital Charity, building on the £600 he raised in 2010 scaling Europe’s highest mountain,Mount Blanc.

We asked Steve why he loves climbing mountains, and he said: “The peace you feel up so high is amazing, and you get a real sense of how small you are in the world – it’s overwhelming. And you can’t beat the scenery!”

He added that he was by no means intrepid or brave – but here in the office we have to disagree!

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