Emergency unit patient Tillie and mum with Ipad

The University Hospital of Wales paediatric emergency unit has thanked the Noah’s Ark Charity for donating iPads that will help distract and relax children while being treated there.

David Farrell, paediatric team leader at the emergency unit, said: “The children’s emergency department sees more than 30,000 children a year under the age of 16. We see them at their most vulnerable, frightened and unwell. Many of them are in pain and very often their parents are at their most anxious too. We’re an extremely busy department and as our priority is to assess a child’s physical needs so we can help make them well and comfortable, it can be a challenge to find the time to support their emotional needs too.   


“We have a wonderful play specialist called Corrine who is a huge support to our families, but she isn’t able to be everywhere.  Having these iPads will enable us to distract the children from whatever is causing them anxiety, particularly during painful procedures. It will help the parents with their anxiety too which in turn will help the children. They’re invaluable and will be well used.”


Four-year-old Tillie was one of the first children to benefit from the donation when she was admitted to the paediatric emergency unit with pneumonia last week before being referred on to the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales for further treatment.  


Tillie’s mum, Lu, said:  “Having Tillie admitted to the emergency unit was a scary experience for both of us.  It’s hard to see your child so poorly and then having lots of tests and assessments.  The doctors, nurses and play specialists were brilliant but it was great to have the iPad to keep her entertained with things that were familiar and comforting to her.  It’s sometimes the little things that matter just as much at times like that.”


The Noah’s Ark Charity was originally set up as an appeal to fund the building and equipment for the Children’s Hospital for Wales. Today it continues to raise funds for specialist medical equipment and facilities, helping the hospital provide the best care possible to the 73,000 children treated there each year.


Noah’s Ark Charity director, Suzanne Mainwaring, said: “Just like Tillie, many of the children our charity helps to support are admitted to the hospital through the UHW paediatric emergency unit.  We know how important it is to create an environment where children and families feel supported while the excellent medical teams do their work, so we’re delighted to be able to help in this way.  We’d like to thank everyone who donates and fundraises on our behalf, particularly in this case, CEO of Ajuda Training LTD, Dawn Evans, who provided funds for two of the iPads.”  


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