Advancement in medical care means that more babies than ever are recovering from difficulties related to early birth to go home to their families. In order to respond to this and ensure that all babies in need of specialist support receive the best care possible, the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board has initiated a project to expand and enhance the neonatal unit at the University Hospital of Wales. Working together with the health board and Welsh Government, and with your help, the Noah’s Ark Charity has committed to raising £1 million for the project though the Tiny Lives Appeal.The appeal is part of our ongoing commitment to helping ensure the best specialist care possible for children – right from the first moments of life.

By supporting the Tiny Lives Appeal, you’ll be playing a part in ensuring the best treatment and outcome possible for premature and critically ill babies across South, Mid and West Wales.

You’ll also be helping to grant their parents’ only wish – the chance to take their babies home.


Where your money will go

Babies on the neonatal unit are faced with many obstacles in the first few weeks of their life and due to their extreme vulnerability, complications can develop rapidly, changing a baby’s condition from relatively stable to acutely ill within a very short space of time.  Because of this, it’s more vital than ever that the incredibly dedicated medical team have the right equipment on hand to respond quickly and effectively.

Among the items that your donation could help fund are ventilators which support premature or critically ill babies to breathe. Your gift could also help pay for a specialist mobile X-Ray machine which allows doctors to diagnose and respond quickly to a vulnerable baby’s ever changing condition and incubators that reduce the risk of infection while creating a womb-like environment within which they can grow and gain strength.

Funds raised from the appeal will also support parents facing weeks and months of huge worry and uncertainty. It will provide video monitors so that mums recovering from birth can see their babies in the anxious hours before they can be visited on the unit and family rooms where parents can be supported in caring for their infant before they leave hospital.

Other ways to help

*The CVC number is printed on your Bank card in the signature area of the back of the card. (it is the last 3 digits AFTER the credit card number in the signature area of the card).