The neonatal unit at the University Hospital of Wales cares for some of the smallest, and most critically ill babies in Wales. It’s also the only place in Wales where neonatal babies needing surgery can receive treatment.

Last November, we launched an appeal to raise £1 million towards the expansion and enhancement of the neonatal unit at the University Hospital of Wales. The unit currently supports the life-saving care of around 560 babies each year but thanks in big part to advancements in medical care, that number is set to increase.

Over the past 12 months you have helped us raise more than £500,000 towards our £1 million target. That money is already being put to good use, funding vital equipment like incubators, a DR X-ray machine and air/oxygen blenders. We are also already playing a part in improving the environment and facilities for families by providing comfortable chairs for parents to sit alongside their babies during long hours and days and a play area for children.

But we still need your help
In 2018, with your support, we hope to raise more funds so that we can pay for equipment that will go on to help countless babies’ lives. Items like a ventilator that breathes for the sickest of babies, a phototherapy machine that protects a baby’s fragile system and a specialist device that can save a baby’s sight.

The money you donate could also fund an overnight room so parents can stay close to their babies during the night, and a Mummy Cam which will allow mums to see their babies while their separated from them immediately after birth.

Please donate to the Noah’s Ark Charity Tiny Lives Appeal and help to grant every neonatal parent’s only wish – the chance to take their babies home.

Other ways to support

“It was difficult for us to imagine how Jake could possibly survive with the problems he had”

Jake's Story

“Nobody can imagine your heartache as you look at your baby for the first time, in an incubator, wires and tubes everywhere, alarms beeping, helplessness raging through your tired body”

Rea’s Story

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