On June 29th and 30th Princes Gate Springwater, one of the most dedicated of our loving and generous sponsors, held a ‘Daiathalon’ in aid of us. The Daiathalon (a triathlon organised by a man named Dai) consisted of over 100 km of biking, 25 miles of running and a long swim, and we are told that all participants were completely exhausted afterwards!

Participants, despite the poor weather, described the event as a “Triumph” (but not a ‘Daiumph’) and insisted the conditions did nothing to quash their spirits, in fact it proved the dedication of all the participants.

We are told that, for once, participants actually enjoyed the physical aspect of it too and found it highly motivational. One member of staff, Samantha, had just purchased her first bike six weeks prior to the event and still found the energy to complete everything “with gusto”.

Funds raised from the event are still being counted but with over £75,000 raised in total from past events we are confident by the organisation we are confident they will be making a generous contribution to our fundraising efforts!

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