Some may think fundraising is a walk in a park, but during July 15-18th this year, it is specifically a run down a very big road, the A470!

The Wales UOTC, who have supported Noah’s Ark for many years now, have taken up the four day challenge and planned every stop with military precision! They’ve made sure to put the “fun” in fundraising, though, and have planned a pub quiz every night of their event to raise further funds.

Their run will come to a grand finish outside Cardiff landmark The Senedd. That night, our brave men will be treated to a Gala dinner in the Copthorne Hotel where they hope to regain all those calories they will have lost.

As well as the well-deserved eating and drinking it is their aim to raise a hefty sum for children in Wales, so why not ensure they do by sponsoring them and cheering them on as they Run the A470!


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