Adrian Harvie from Cardiff has cycled a thousand miles in ten days to raise funds and awareness for his daughter, who has a rare genetic disorder. Along with a support team,  Adrian cycled to every NHS children’s hospital in Wales and England as part of the Children’s Hospital Challenge.

Four-year-old Emilia Harvie has Alexander Disease – a life-limiting condition so rare it is thought to occur in just one in a million births.The family first knew something was wrong after Emilia suffered a seizure for over an hour and was rushed to hospital.Because Alexander Disease is so rare, medics sought advice from experts as far away as America – eventually diagnosing Emilia after five days.

Completing their epic cycle challenge, the team  of 11 arrived at Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital in Cardiff to rapturous applause. They’d cycled to every NHS children’s hospital in England and Wales, travelling over 1000 miles, and visiting 13 cities, including Cardiff, Birmingham, London, Newcastle and Manchester. Completing the challenge in 10 days and covering 100 miles a day, this was a unique journey that hadn’t been attempted before. The team were determined to highlight both the amazing work that children’s hospitals carry out across the country, and make Emilia proud.  Adrian said that he wanted “a legacy for my daughter to have a long and happy life.”

Patients at the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales will benefit from a generous donation of toys, to make their hospital stay a little more cheerful. Many thanks to all for their efforts and hard work.





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