Lord Mayor of Cardiff with patients, Elliot and Daisy

We’re delighted to announce that the newly appointed Lord Mayor of Cardiff, the Rt.Hon. Councillor Dianne Rees, has named the Noah’s Ark Charity as her chosen charity for her year in office.  The Lord Mayor hopes to raise as much as possible for our Tiny Lives Appeal, which supports the world class care delivered to premature and critically ill babies at the University Hospital of Wales.

The Lord Mayor, who is a mother of four and grandmother of eight,  drew on her own personal experiences when choosing her charity.  She says: “My daughter contracted Meningitis B at 19 months and my grandson was born two month prematurely so I understand why it is so important that hospitals are kept up to date in order to provide excellent medical care for those who need it most.

“Children are so important to our future and the future of Cardiff so it is essential that they are healthy and well cared for. I was so impressed by the Noah’s Ark Children’s hospital, the staff are excellent and the focus is on the needs of the children.”

“I thought long and hard about which charity to select and I felt it was time for children to have their turn. I hope to raise as much as possible for this worthwhile cause which will go on to benefit our future generations.”

On a visit to the hospital following her inauguration on Thursday night, the Lord Mayor met with the play specialist team and spoke with them about their experiences of supporting children through their hospital journey. She also took time to meet with parents and children including Daisy and Elliot who are both currently patients on Owl Ward.

Director of the Noah’s Ark Charity, Suzanne Mainwaring, said: “We’re delighted to have been named as the new Lord Mayor’s chosen charity. Around 65% of the hospital’s young patients come from Cardiff and the Vale so this really is an opportunity to support children and families within our own community.

“This year the charity celebrates its 18th birthday and over the years supporters from across the city of Cardiff have helped us raise money for buildings, equipment, facilities, services and activities. But at the core of all that is the children and families whose lives have been made better as a result.  We’re very much looking forward to working alongside the Lord Mayor in the coming year to continue to achieve the very best for them.”

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