Sign your school, nursery or playgroup up for a Find Your Rainbow Day and let’s look forward to the better days to come! 

Rainbows are a symbol of unity and hope. It’s why we have it in our logo and why it became associated with the pandemic.  In nature it signifies the calm after the storm and better things to come.

During this past 15 months, our children have had to change and adapt rapidly in a way we wouldn’t have thought possible.  Now it’s time to give these rainbow warriors the chance to have fun together.

Find your Rainbow Day is a way for you to end the year on a positive note – celebrating your school or nursery’s rainbow warriors while helping the charity to fulfil its mission to make life brighter and better for the warriors of Noah’s Ark!


Taking part is easy. Just pick a date during the summer term and ask everyone to wear their favourite rainbow colour while donating £1 to the Noah’s Ark Charity.


Register your school or group below in a few simple steps and we’ll email you a list of rainbow themed activities to hold throughout your Find your Rainbow Day. We’ll also send your school a certificate of thanks – a lasting memento of how your community turned a hard thing in to a good thing for your children and others.