The Baby Leo Incubator

During his time on the neonatal unit, Theo benefitted from several pieces of equipment funded by the Tiny Lives Appeal.Theo was among the first to use a Baby Leo, a state of the art incubator reserved for the most critically unwell babies. The incubator has a range of features including inbuilt weighing scales, a special heating system that maintains temperature at all times and a mechanism that allows the baby’s bed to be pulled out so that parents are able to be close to their babies without them having to me moved.Hayley says: “Theo was so sick at times that no-one, not even the medical team were able to move him unless absolutely necessary. Taking him out to weigh him at those critical times was not an option which is by no means ideal for a premature baby like him because their food and most vitally medication is measured to their exact weight.  Without the inbuilt scales it would have been so much harder to get everything accurate.We could also personalise his incubator with the digital screen and choose colour sequences inside the incubator for him. I know it might not sound like much but it’s the closest we came to choosing an outfit for him for a very long time.”